Observations by Tracy Davis (Allied Member ASID)

OMG – Offer More Graciously


Recently, I was asked a most intimate question, a question that a lover or intimate friend may ask.  It came to me on the heels of a conversation comparing life stories, family background, experiences both formal and informal, travel, and children.  Our friendship quickened, to MY core with a single question posed to me by new, [...]

Design….it is my center, my identity, it is the passion that drives me.


Ever since I was a small child I knew that the views of my world were different from the views of those around me.  I saw art/design  as a means of communication, the way to live a life fulfilled, thinking that one cannot co-exist without the other.  Large thoughts for a little person!  I was [...]

Teixidors: A Living Example of Trac*er*y


trac er y:  ornamental pattern of interlacing lines trac er y: affectionate nick name from beloved friend and colleague trac er y: a pattern of 3 I believe that we are all, in our own right,  a sparkling living ornament.  Creating living patterns within our spaces, and interlacing among relationships. As a designer I am [...]